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EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado
EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado

Pony Club at Stellar

What’s in a Name?

Don’t let the name fool you! Horses AND Ponies are part of Pony Club. Pony Club national and local membership accepts members up to 25 years of age. Adults can join the companion Horsemaster program and learn the same skills.

What Do Members Do in Pony Club?

Almost Everything! If it has to do with horses, it’s on the list. Members learn the details of how to care for a horse or pony, including feeding, veterinary care, shoeing, trailering, etc. They learn about equipment selection and fit, horse conformation, personalities and breeds. Members may explore the many different equestrian sports pony clubs offer, from the disciplines of eventing, foxhunting, and dressage, to mounted games, including polocrosse ( a little like polo, but more fun and affordable).

When Does Stellar Pony Club Meet?

Pony Club meets on two Saturdays during the month. (See calendar for dates.) Jr. Pony Club members 5-7 years of age come at 1-2 pm for special activities. PC members 8 years and above come for an extended time from 2-4 pm. SPC may schedule special field trips, clinics and events on days and at times other than the regular Saturday meetings.

EquesTraining EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado

How does SPC differ from some Pony Clubs?

Members of Stellar Pony Club do not have to own their own horse, although some, do. Non-horse owning members may work with EquesTraining horses and ponies during hands on activities. For mounted sessions, there may be a small fee to participate using one of EquesTraining’s program horses. Stellar Pony Club members are subject to the same requirements and benefits of, any other traditional United States pony club, and are eligible for testing through the levels to receive a national standard rating.

What are the Advantages of Pony Club membership?

Pony Club is known around the world for the quality of its instruction programs. Many of the top riders of today credit their successes to starting out in the U.S. Pony Club family. A huge part of Pony Club involves supporting others by sharing knowledge. Guided by adult mentors and instructors, experienced students enforce their own abilities through assisting younger and less-experienced members learn skills such as wrapping a horse’s leg or putting on a bridle safely and efficiently. Professionals in many areas of the horse world, such as veterinarians, equine dentists, and trainers, are happy to demonstrate procedures and share knowledge with pony club groups at no charge. The dedicated Pony Club member has access to the wide world of the best in equestrian education at a fraction of the cost of what you’d expect to pay for such an opportunity. Get togethers, including with other clubs, events, and social exchanges create strong bonds and close friendships with a shared identity through a healthful common cause. Many Pony Club garduates attribute much of their happiness and success in later life to their formative equestrian years.

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