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EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado
Boarding at EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado

Boarding at EquesTraining

Main Barn:
Indoor Boarding: $860/Month
Outdoor Boarding: $685/Month
Short Term boarding: $40/Night;250/Week
Trailer In: $25/Day
Two day clinic with Overnight stay: $40 plus Trailer In fee of $25.

Overnight boarding includes: One day of Arena Use.

Stellar Stables offers full service board for clients of EquesTraining in the main barn. Thirty light, airy stalls are arranged around the perimeter of our spacious indoor arena, climate controlled for the year round comfort of horse and human. Board includes all amenities including blanketing and paddock turnout during the day. We feed top quality, CO mountain grown timothy hay and plains alfalfa.

Occasionally, a space becomes available at the “pony” barn where EquesTraining program horses are housed and pastured. Check with Star for availability and pricing at (720) 851-4925 or (720) 785-0980

Boading at EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado

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