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What Makes Pony Club Different?

The Pony Club is unique because its educational programs place equal emphasis on the teaching of riding skills, horse-care fundamentals, and team participation with sportsmanship. From the moment youth join our Pony Club until they graduate, they are part of a broad network of activities and educational programs that promote the health and safety of both horse and rider. Stellar Pony Club is dedicated to developing knowledgeable, competent, responsible, and caring horsemen.

Standards of Proficiency

The USPC Standards of Proficiency provide a core curriculum for individualized instruction. Stellar Pony Club use the Standards as a plan for instruction programs. The Standards describe a clear progression of skills in riding and Horse Management and provide opportunities for goal setting, as members are encouraged to proceed though those skills at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Riding is something we do for fun! Certifications are given in an effort to recognize achievements and encourage members to gain confidence, independence and good safety habits while working with mounts. Goal setting, teaching and testing are good ways to accomplish this purpose.

Pony Club at EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado

Horse Management

One of the things that separates Pony Club from other youth equestrian organizations is the emphasis that is placed on Horse Management. While members learn how to ride, they also learn how to care for their pony or horse. All clubs have a Horse Management program designed to teach skills and provide knowledge as members progress through the certification levels.


A concern for safety is an important part of the foundation of USPC. Ours was the first equine organization to require its members to wear safety helmets. Our guiding beliefs regarding safety reach into every aspect of the organization. Volunteers and staff make safety a priority.

Pony Club at EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado

What Do Members Do In Pony Club?

Pony Club meets every Saturday from 2 – 4, unless otherwise notified of a special event or cancellation. EquesTraining specializes in giving students the best education in equestrian basics. Once these are mastered, then the world is wide! In addition to Vaulting, students may explore these opportunities when a SPCRC member:

Fox Hunting, Games and Trails, Western Dressage, Reining, Combined Training (Eventing), Hunter-seat, Jumping

A huge part of Pony Club is supporting others in their learning quest by sharing knowledge. Guided by adult mentors and instructors, experienced students grounded in their knowledge by coaching others. An essential skill such as learning to bridle a horse correctly can be daunting; a tip from more seasoned students can create success and good feelings for both.

Get together with other local clubs for games and social exchanges are planned. Professionals in different areas of the horse world will be demonstrating their specialties. Most of these meetings, clinics, and events are free to Pony Club members; a few, held off Stellar premises, may involve a fee, such as competitions and quizzes.

Pony Club at EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado

How To Become a Member of Stellar Pony Club

Your first step to becoming a Pony Club member is to talk with Star Hughes.

Next, fill out the forms and Pay the annual dues.

Best part: Come ready to work and learn and meet new friends ready to share everyone’s favorite thing - Horses!

You don’t have to own your own Horse. You can lease or borrow, become a SPCRC vaulter, to enjoy all the delights and responsibilities of caring for a beautiful animal. EquesTraining supplies the horses.

Pony Club Participating Member Application

Pony Club at EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado

Pony Club Cost and Payments

US Pony Club: $140
United States Pony Clubs National Membership

Stellar Pony Club: $120
EquesTraining Membership

Rocky Mtn. Region: $38
Rocky Mountain Region Pony Club Membership

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