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EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado
Equestrian Services in Parker, Colorado

EquesTraining Services

EquesTraining in Parker, Colorado offers much more than just riding lessons and arena practice. Here are some of our services and equestrian options that we offer.

Pony Club

We want YOU to join us at EquesTraining. Our Pony Club is the place to socialize with horsey friends and share learning about horse care and all the important equestrian skills.

From beginner to expert, Pony Club is right for the dedicated young rider because opportunities abound to become the best you can be. High program standards, a wide range of learning situations, and regularly scheduled ratings ensure that lessons are money and time well spent when combined with Pony Club.

Pony Club creates competence and confidence. Take what you know from regular riding lessons and build on those skills through Pony Club to become the complete equestrian.

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Horse Boarding

Indoor Board: Climate controlled. $860 per month.
Included: All care, blanketing and turnout. 3 feedings per day of top grade timothy and alfalfa hay. Owner provides choice of grain. Nightly horse safety inspection. Facility offers large airy stalls surrounding spacious central riding arena. Small indoor schooling/lungeing arena and exercise loop. 2 heated wash stalls, horse laundry facilities, personal tack closets. Lovely outdoor arena and trail riding. Long term trailer parking included.

Paddock Board: $685 per month.
Outside shaded enclosures with run-in sheds, shared with 3 to 4 horses. Access to all amenities, nightly safety inspection, 3 feedings daily of timothy and/or alfalfa hay, owner provides grain.

Short term board: $40/night: $250/week
Trailer In for Lessons,etc. : $25/day
Two day clinic with Overnight stay: $40 plus trailer in fee of $25
Overnight boarding includes: One day of arena use.

Leasing a Horse

Leases begin at $375 per month for a half lease. $575, for a full lease, and $860 per month for the Deluxe lease.

The Half lease price includes:
One private lesson per week.
One supervised ride per week.
All routine care, vet and farrier services.

The Full lease price includes:
One private lesson per week.
Three supervised rides per week.
Or, One private lesson per week.
One semi-private lesson per week.
One supervised ride per week.
All routine care, vet and farrier services.

The Deluxe lease price includes:
Boarding in the climate-controlled main barn with full care.
One private lesson per week.
Unlimited ride times.
All routine vet and farrier services.
On-call staff assistance.
Exclusive access to that particular horse to reserve for shows, events, etc.

One formal lesson per week is not enough for many horse loving kids. Give your child the complete experience of horse ownership joy and responsibility without having to buy a horse! Lease one of our tried and true program horses or ponies by the month or the semester. Lease includes lessons and supervised rides, along with first choice on Pony Club mounted activities, horseshows, and other special equestrian events.

Please note that your lease includes first rights to scheduled riding days and times. Per leasing agreement, the lease allows for EquesTraining to employ the named horse for x additional number of lessons per week within the riding program by EquesTraining students, provided that the quality of the horse and riding experience is maintained for the lessee by EquesTraining. Star Hughes and other designated EquesTraining assistants/employees are authorized, under Star’s guidance, to school the leased horse when necessary to improve/maintain the quality of the horse’s performance. Leases are arranged by contract through EquesTraining.

Please contact Star Hughes for prices and availability on (720) 851-4925 or mobile (720) 785-0980

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Educational Event Parties

EquesTraining offers several options for equestrian parties where kids can play with the Ponies and have fun with each other while enjoying the companionship with horses.

It can be anything from celebrating a birthday to having classes come together for an equestrian experience or simply because you want to share your love for horses with your friends and siblings.

Stellar Pony Parties are for beginners - advanced, tiny tots to teenagers.

Please contact Star Hughes for times available and costs.

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