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Andi Fineran

"Miss Star is a fun, unique personality, who runs a fun, unique facility! All instructors have been very friendly, and amazingly patient with my beginning rider. We love to come visit and learn every lesson."

Vicky Moore

"After only 5 months of riding and spending time with all the GREAT People at Stellar Stables; my daughter has made new people and horse friends, loves taking care of the animals, and helping out as much as she can!! Being part of Stellar Stables has been a great experience for my daughter."

The Carpenter Family

"My family connected with Stellar Pony Riding Club Center about a year ago when my mother was looking for a place to take my daughter riding for the day as a gift.

She was so impressed with the center itself as well as Star and her team, that when the time came for all of us to think about actual riding lessons for my daughter, this was the only place to go!

My daughter, Elane, began her lessons in January of 2015 and immediately fell in love with all things horses, as well as her teacher, her fellow riders and Star herself.

My daughter has shown great improvement in her personal confidence since starting here along with her riding skills, posture, and manner of speech among other things. I highly recommend Stellar Pony Club Riding Club to anyone that has a child who loves horses and wants to immerse themselves in the horse world! There is so much to learn and everyone involved with this center loves to teach and help. This place is a blessing to our family and we look forward to many more years of being a part of it!”

Lynn R.

Starʼs method of teaching is amazing. After my first lesson with her, I knew that I was finally going to really learn how to ride. All I can say is listen to Star, believe in what she teaches. if she can take a 57 year old woman, give her enough confidence to get on a horse that would only back up when she got on it, have her cantering across a field without feeling sheer terror, really enjoying riding instead of fearing it! Imagine what she could do for you....

Stacy Ann

Wanted to say thank you for everything! I have learned so much, and you helped me feel at ease through the entire process with your gentle, thought provoking, and encouraging ways! Iʼve always, since I was a young girl, wanted to be able to ride horses and be around them without fear. Your class and instruction has released me into that freedom to explore and learn and to do it wisely. The environment was so welcoming and not intimidating at all, and your wealth of knowledge and experience is just priceless. Itʼs been a true delight!
Thank you again Star! You are simply the BEST!

Carrie A.

I bought the horse that chose me. She turned out to be a 3-year old. My riding skills were sketchy so I knew I had to step up to the plate and significantly improve my riding quick, fast, and in a hurry. I saw a demonstration of a riding program, teaching the “centaurseat” as a foundation to riding. The idea...seemed ideal. The insight gained from my lessons gave me the confidence to “go with the horse”. Iʼm now more attuned to my own horse and am better able to help her progress. Thanks, Star.

Ellen D.

My work with Star has included the rehabilitation of my Trakehner mare [who] exhibits both physical and mental issues. One of Starʼs assets is her freedom from the conventional thinking concerning strategies for such a case. Her work is unusually free from dependence on breed practices, popular trainers, or trendy traditions. Starʼs gift to us is basically an intuitive one. She honored both of us as able to do things differently and helped us to understand a new equality. Isnʼt that the purpose of relationship, between horse and rider, to set both partners free?


Dear Miss Star,
! Thank you so much for teaching me all about horses! I love Miss Bonnie!
Your happy rider.

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